Debian Redesign

Debconf9 ended days ago.
I was reading the debian news and found some slides of talks in the schedule.
I checked out and downloaded some ones 🙂

For the first time I see it, I really like the Debian logo, it is a swirl, so simple, but so, catchy I dunno :P, just, likable ;D

Years ago, I wanted to know more about the logo, but did not find much information :/ (just that it was selected by vote of Debian Developers on 1999 and designed by Raul M. Silva, he did not make an explanation about it).
So, back to the topic of the talks at Debconf, I downloaded the “Debian Redesign” talk, by Agnieszka Czajkowska.
As I read (and like some of the posters) on her slides, is like “revitalizing our face”, would be a modern look and will show the audience that the project is moving forward.

We can see others logo histories:


And the Debian journey:


Also, shows us how things could be:



Well, that’s all :), just want to say that I like and congratulate @_pixelgirl_work 😀
Check out the rest of the slides here 🙂


One Response to Debian Redesign

  1. La Dama Bizarra says:

    Yo supe lo ke era debian hasta ke la conocí a usted…antes de eso, sólo supuse que era o algo feminista o algo relacionado con alguna lesbian =P jajaja!

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